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Membership Fees

          Membership Fees

The annual membership fee is determined by the National Board of Directors and is currently $50 per year.   The Chapters remit this money to the National Treasurer.

Potential members and members alike often ask, “Why do I have to pay this membership fee?   What do I get for this fee?”

The membership fees fund the National organization which oversees the entire One Parent Families Association.    The actual costs of running the National organization are fairly small – like the Chapters, everyone is a volunteer – and the bulk of membership fees goes towards insurance.

As an organization, having insurance covering members and Directors is critically important.     Some of the insurance covers members when they participate in a One Parent Families activity should they be injured.

We also have insurance that covers Directors of the Association, whether at the Chapter or National level, should we be sued by anyone, should it be for negligence, discrimination, abuse, etc.     As a Director, as long as you follow the protocols established in our Bylaws and Policies, you are covered in the performance of your duties in the Association.

Thus everyone receives “intangible” benefits from these fees – insurance coverage against accidents and injuries.  The insurance coverage for Directors also has benefits for members – without it, there would be fewer people willing to step up and run activities.

On a dollars and cents level, the protection offered by the insurance also assists Chapters in doing fundraising – and this money is spent at the Chapter level.  

Chapters that are successful at fundraising using the OPFA’s charitable number can make and spend much more than the annual membership fee in subsidies and bursaries.  

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